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  • AREIA SALGADA - Comporta Perfumes

    ORIGINAL line

    Eau de Parfum 100ml



    Ozonic I Citrus I Green


    TOP NOTES: Elemi, Apple, Thyme, Bergamot, Cypress

    HEART NOTES: Cedar, Jasmine, Muguet

    BASE NOTES: Amber, Leather, Patchouli


    On the mood of those beautiful long white sand beaches with a light sea breeze

    Sensual, salty and fresh as a breeze from the ocean that tangles in my hair and clouds my eyes.

    I look at infinity and look at the warm sand and the beauty of moving water.

    I breathe deeply and I feel the flood of that refreshing aroma that keeps my nose and my mind alive.

    The energy from the sea entices me to walk without shoes. And, at that moment, I am happy.

    Lucia Heredero del Pozo, jornalist

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