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  • Ingredients: mangoes 53%, sugar, onions, vinegar, water, thickeners: modified starch, ginger, chilipowder, salt, carry (contains celery and mustard).



    A delicious and tasty gourmet sauce from Nicolas Vahé with a soft and light consistency that is ready for use. This flavourful and tasty sauce is great to eat with chicken, pasta and sautéed shrimps. You can also use it as a delicious dip and topping for tortilla chips as the taste of spicy mango will add a fresh and lightly spicy flavour to your dish. It will certainly impress your guests.

    Store the sauce in a dry and dark place if unopened.

    Once opened: Consume within 12 weeks and store in a cool place.


    Energy 773 KJ / 182 kcal
    Fat 0.6 g
    - here of saturated acids 0.22 g
    - here of mono-unsaturates 0 g
    - here of poly-unsaturates 0 g
    Carbohydrate 43.06 g
    - here of sugars 37.5 g
    Fiber 0.3 g
    Protein 0.64 g
    Salt 0.3 g
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